Classic Mod Acrylic Full Set(

This set includes clear acrylic and your choice of gel polish.       


*Nail art can be added for an additional fee.*

Basic Gel Manicure

The basic gel manicure consists of soaking your hands in warm soapy water to soothe and soften dead skin cells. Then the nail tech will file and buff your nail, clean the cuticle, and massage your hands with a hand cream then apply gel polish to your nail.

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Gel Pedicure

Soaking of your feet in a superb sanitized pedicure bowl, then trimming your cuticles, shaping your nail, exfoliation of your feet, and ending with a nice lotion massage and gel polish of choice.   

Jelly Pedicure

Natural smashed crystals create a thick jelly consistency when added to warm water. The dense jelly mixture massages stressed muscles and acts as a gentle exfoliate. The jelly retains warmth 4x longer than water creating a soothing soak for your feet. The jelly has fragrant oils and Aloe Vera extract which moisturizes and softens dry, cracked skin.